About Us

theBOO is about building community across Ontario.

Our passion for local business, Ontario’s natural beauty and bringing people together unites us.

The Story of theBOO

I’m going to come right out and say it. I love Ontario! Ontario is the best province in Canada to live, work and play. 

Ontario also has some of the best companies and, definitely has some of the best attractions in North America.

SADLY – it is easy to forget the awesome points above if you spend time watching the mainstream “news” platforms which love to broadcast and share some of the most negative stories affecting our communities and often resembles a particularly nasty sub-reddit.

image of niagara falls ontario for a positive image on the website theboo

So, I created theBOO (the Best Of Ontario) as a platform for positive connection amongst Ontarians and visitors.

theBOO has 2 main focus areas:

1) theBOO is a place for local discovery where Ontarians can get to know the best businesses and entrepreneurs who are building a better province. This includes supporting Ontario startups, small businesses, and artists.

2) theBOO is a digital community that exists to strengthen the relationships between all Ontarians to support the social and economic growth of this incredible province. That means visitors and members contribute to rating local business to build trust, sharing amazing local discoveries for others to enjoy and contributing local knowledge, on a variety of subjects, for others to learn from.

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My goal is for theBOO to become the trusted source for the Best Of Ontario businesses, attractions, ideas, communities, individual leaders and more.

BUT – that can only happen by growing theBOO community first.

After all, you are theBOO and theBOO is you!

– Isaac

Prime Minister of Content

Isaac Mallow


Sandy Waters


Fiona McGuire

Mark “The Moose” Crosby

Jasmine Singh