The Best Guitar Stores In Barrie, Ontario

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If you enjoy finding top-notch quality guitars that are affordable, theBOO has created a list of a few Barrie guitar stores you should check out.

In addition, there are a vast number of different guitars available to purchase.

Here are the five main types of guitars:

  • Classical Guitars
  • Acoustic Guitars
  • Electro-Acoustic Guitars
  • Electric Guitars
  • Bass Guitars


The Best Guitar Store In Barrie

Music Pro is an instrument store that is located in Barrie, Ontario. It has a wide variety of instruments available such as banjos, violins, drums, and many more.

They are known for selling an extensive selection of guitars. Music Pro sells acoustic guitars, electric guitars, and basses.

They sell guitar brands like:

  1. Gibson
  2. Guild
  3. Seagull
  4. Yamaha
  5. Ovation

Another bonus that Music Pro provides is that you can rent out their instruments for a low price.

Music Pro also offers a rent-to-buy option whereby half of the rent cost is deducted from the purchase price at the end of the school year.

All of their instruments that are available to rent are in new-like condition or are brand new.

Finally, their instruments are built to last with proper maintenance for many years.


Other Music Stores

Although the following two music stores aren’t located right in Barrie, they are still close by.

Firstly, Blue Mountain Music is located in Collingwood, Ontario.

They carry a finely curated selection of new and previously-owned instruments, as well as a wide range of accessories and essentials to ensure you have everything you need.

Blue Mountain Music has a variety of electric or acoustic guitars, bass, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, and many more.

Secondly, Gilbert Guitars is located in Orillia, Ontario.

You can buy acoustic, electric, and bass guitars. If you know about guitars and collect limited edition instruments, Gilbert Guitars specializes in rare Limited Edition guitars and amplifiers.

Gilbert Guitars also has many ukuleles and folk instruments. You can also buy any accessories, used guitars and amplifiers.

All of their instruments are priced reasonably, and we believe this is one of the better guitar stores in this area.


A few things to look for when buying a guitar

When it comes to buying a guitar, its look isn’t the only thing you should be evaluating.

Here are a couple of ways to see if it’s worth purchasing a guitar:

  1. Does the guitar stay in tune?
  2. Is the guitar neck straight?
  3. How far are the strings from the fretboard?


Does the guitar stay in tune?

If the salesperson’s playing sounds terrible, it’s most likely not him (who is almost certainly a competent guitar player), but it is the instrument itself.

So, the second reason to have the instrument tuned up is to inspect the action.


Are the guitar necks straight?

Examine the neck of the guitar for any curves or bends. Your guitar’s neck should be straight, preventing the strings from striking the frets as you play.

Ask a professional if you’re not sure how to check your guitar’s neck relief. They should be able to inspect and determine any potential issues with your guitar’s neck and make adjustments.


How far are the strings from the fretboard?

The action on a guitar or bass is how the strings relate to the fretboard. The activity can be adjusted easily, but if the strings are far away from the neck at the point where the neck and body of a guitar meet, or if the neck is significantly curved, it may be best to skip it.


Final Note

We hope this article helps you find the guitar of your dreams!

Buying from local shops in your town or a town near you is the best way to support local businesses.

Finally, I hope you decide to check Music Pro out!

It is the only guitar and music store that they currently have in Barrie, but it is worth visiting!

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