Top 5 Best Indian Restaurants in Brampton For 2023

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Discovering the best Indian restaurants in Brampton offers more than just a delicious meal; it’s an exploration of a diverse tapestry of flavours, scents, and cultural traditions that have shaped the culinary landscape of this city.

The aroma of spices, the warmth of hospitality, and the diverse menu options all come together to create a dining experience that’s as much about connection as it is about food.

Indian cuisine is known for its complexity and diversity, offering a wide range of dishes that cater to various tastes and preferences, from fiery curries to soothing biryanis, and from vegetarian delights to succulent meat and seafood options.

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What Are the Best Indian Restaurants in Brampton?

Firstly, the best Indian restaurants excel in these aspects to provide a memorable and authentic dining experience.

The finest Indian restaurants remain true to traditional recipes and use authentic ingredients and cooking methods that reflect Indian cuisine accurately.

Secondly, the use of fresh and top-quality ingredients is crucial to enhancing the overall dining experience.

Finally, maintaining consistency in taste and quality across all dishes is vital to ensure a consistently excellent dining experience.

Here are the top picks for the best Indian restaurants in Brampton:

  • Paranthe Wali Gali
  • Taste of Punjab
  • Mehfill
  • Indian Curry Express & Bar
  • Incredible India


Review of The Best Indian Restaurants in Brampton

Paranthe Wali Gali

Paranthe Wali Gali is a charming gem in the heart of Brampton, known for its delectable North Indian parathas. The restaurant’s specialty lies in its wide variety of stuffed parathas, served piping hot with a range of flavourful accompaniments. The cozy ambiance and friendly service make it a perfect place for a casual and satisfying meal.


2452 Queen St E, Brampton, ON L6S 5X9


Taste of Punjab

Taste of Punjab is a popular Indian restaurant that offers an extensive menu of Punjabi cuisine. Known for its rich and aromatic dishes, this restaurant brings the true flavors of the Punjab region to Brampton.

From buttery and creamy curries to tandoori delicacies, it caters to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian preferences. The restaurant’s warm and welcoming atmosphere complements the authentic Punjabi experience.


8 Strathearn Ave Unit 11, Brampton, ON L6T 4L9



Mehfill is a fine dining Indian restaurant that provides an exquisite experience for those seeking elegance and exceptional Indian cuisine. Their menu boasts a range of traditional and contemporary dishes, expertly prepared with a focus on presentation and taste. The restaurant offers a lavish ambiance and is an ideal choice for special occasions or romantic evenings.


79 Clarence St, Brampton, ON L6W 1S5


Indian Curry Express & Bar

Indian Curry is a favourite among locals for its quick and flavoursome Indian street food.

From spicy chaats to delectable biryanis, this restaurant offers a delightful array of dishes, with a modern twist. It’s the go-to place for those looking for a satisfying and casual dining experience with a variety of options.


47 Queen St W, Brampton, ON L6Y 1L9


Incredible India

Incredible India is a restaurant that lives up to its name by offering a diverse culinary journey through India’s regions. The menu spans the country’s varied cuisines, presenting a fusion of flavours and traditions.

From South Indian dosas to North Indian kebabs, it’s a place where you can explore the richness of Indian culinary heritage, all within a welcoming and family-friendly setting.


10635 Bramalea Rd J-7, Brampton, ON L6R 3P4


2023 Best Indian Restaurants in Brampton Summary

These top Indian restaurants in Brampton each offer a unique dining experience, catering to different preferences and culinary styles.

Whether you’re in the mood for authentic street food, Punjabi specialties, fine dining, or a journey through the diverse flavours of India, these restaurants have something special to offer.

These restaurants encapsulate the essence of Indian cuisine and culture, providing residents and visitors with memorable dining experiences.

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