The Best Yoga Studios In Guelph, ON

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There are some really amazing yoga studios in Guelph.

Yoga is the perfect pastime for people looking to stretch, fix back problems, get stronger and find inner peace.

At theBOO, we practice mindfulness to ensure we are present and connected with our readers and the communities we serve.

If you’re interested in yoga, now is a great time to get started.


Here are the top yoga studios in guelph:

  1. Yoga with Chantalle
  2. Arrive Yoga
  3. Karma Yoga Studio
  4. Moonlight Yoga
  5. Veedha Yoga


Featured Yoga Studios In Guelph

Yoga with Chantalle

Chantalle has been teaching yoga in Guelph, Ontario for the past 25 years.

She focuses on traditional yoga and meditation practices.

She loves meeting new people and introducing them into the amazing spiritual world of yoga.

Finally, her classes are playful, invigorating, and heart centered.


Arrive Yoga

Arrive Yoga is a community of yoga loving teachers, students and friends.

They offer multiple yoga classes including:

  • Hot yoga
  • Active yoga
  • Mindfulness classes
  • Sunrise meditations
  • Restorative yoga

This yoga studio is perfect for anyone looking to incorporate  mindfulness into their life on top of the physical benefits of yoga.


Karma Yoga Studio

We love Karma because they have pivoted to online classes in order to reach as many people as possible during periods of lockdown and public safety.

Also, they have an incredible catalog of online classes and have turned into the Netflix of yoga classes.

Check out some of their videos here.

Monthly memberships start at $29.99 or you can rent individual classes for 48 hours at a cost of $4.99.


Moonlight Yoga

Laura was introduced to yoga in 2011 and began teaching in 2013.

She has multiple certifications and loves teaching everyone from beginners to advanced students.

At Moonlight you’ll find a warm welcome and classes that are always powerful yet playful.

Also, Moonlight is LGBTQ+ and Body Positive Yoga for all levels.


Veedha Yoga

Renee at Veedha Yoga has a passion for bodywork and is devoted to finding a deeper energetic connection to the body.

Here, you’ll find a multidimensional approach to feeling good in all aspects of the self.

Also, Renee is committed to meet each student with an open, guiding and supportive approach.

At Veedha you can expect classes that use the power of yoga to strengthen the mind, body and soul.


What are the 10 most popular types of Yoga?

There are many different variations of yoga practice but the 10 most popular types of yoga are:

  1. Ashtanga yoga
  2. Bikram yoga
  3. Power yoga
  4. Hatha yoga
  5. Anusara yoga
  6. Vinyasa yoga
  7. Restorative yoga
  8. Kundalini yoga
  9. Prenatal yoga
  10. Yin yoga



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