Top 7 Best Thai Restaurants In Ottawa, Ontario

The Best Thai Food In Ottawa

Thai food in Ottawa is experiencing a resurgence in popularity, with new Thai restaurants popping up all over the city. Thai cuisine is a favourite among Ottawans, who appreciate its complex flavours and spicy dishes.

Thai restaurants are located all over Ottawa, but tend to concentrate in the downtown core. Thai food is a delicious and healthy option for those looking for an alternative to the typical Ottawa restaurant scene.

Thai menus usually contain plenty of gluten-free dishes as well as other vegan options.

We love Thai food at theBOO and so we wanted to share our list of the best thai food in Ottawa.

Here is where to find the best thai food in Ottawa

  1. Social Thai
  2. Thai Lanna Cuisine
  3. Khao Thai
  4. Siam Bistro
  5. Thai Flame
  6. Sala Thai Cuisine
  7. Wandee Thai Cuisine

Social Thai

Thai Food In Ottawa - Social Thai

Social Thai is a highly rated Thai restaurant located at 388 Bank St.

The menu is reasonably priced and features a number of great options. In particular, diners love the green curry and chicken pad thai options.

Social Thai ranks their Spice Levels from mild to “Thai Spicy” with the latter coming with a cute disclaimer of Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Thai Lanna Cuisine

Thai Lanna Cuisine prepares all of their entrees with fresh thai ingredients. It is a family-owned Thai restaurant and offers authentic thai cuisine in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Of all the Thai restaurants in Ottawa, the team at Thai Lanna makes a special effort to support their community. They hire students and work with the Ottawa Mission to feed elderly women in need.

The noodle dishes are delicious and stimulate your taste buds. Also, their take on Red Curry is really special.

Khao Thai

Khao Thai first opened their doors in 2004 and actually hosted the Thai Ambassador on Thai New Year’s day!

Head Chef Nitaya Chiturai has an incredible background and even worked as a chef at the UN Regional HQ in Bangkok.

Their goal is to provide Ottawa a truly authentic Thai dining experience. Some of the top Thai food options they offer are:

  • Khao Soi
  • Panang Curry
  • Keto-Pad Thai with chicken
  • Tom Yum with Chicken
  • Green Curry

Siam Bistro

Siam Bistro is located in the heart of Ottawa’s trendy Wellington Village.

The menu presents a rich variety of flavours prepared from exotic ingredients and aromatic herbs. Also, the dish selection features traditional Thai foods prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients imported from Thailand.

Siam Bistro staff get great reviews from diners for being authentic and kind. This is one thai restaurant you need to try!

Thai Flame

Thai Flame is another top rated Thai restaurant in Ottawa.

They are known for their whole fish marinated in a sweet-and-sour sauce, stir fried vegetables and stir fried seafood.

Ottawa magazine even featured them as a WEEKLY LUNCH PICK and highlighted just how good their Pla Sam Rot (3 flavour fish) dish is.

Sala Thai Cuisine

Thai Restaurant In Ottawa - Sala Thai Cuisine

Sala Thai Cuisine bills itself as the most authentic Thai Food in Ottawa. And, the might not be wrong.

One of their top dishes – green curry with bamboo shoots is a real treat. There are a few vegetarian friendly vegan options on the menu which are available to order online as well as in the restaurant.

Wandee Thai Cuisine

Wandee Thai Cuisine offers delicious spring rolls, green curry, pad thai and more. Best yet, the menu is affordable and diners rave about the quality of their thai food options.

Thai Food In Ottawa – Summary

So, what is the best Thai restaurant in Ottawa? You’ll have to try a couple of our recommendations and let us know!

Our favourite dishes are panang, red curry and chicken pad thai and the thai restaurants mentioned above don’t dissapoint.

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