The Best Internet Marketing Companies In Toronto, Ontario

8 Best Internet Marketing Companies In Toronto

The Web is a wonderful invention and internet marketing companies in Toronto have been helping GTA based businesses access the world of digital commerce for a long time.

It’s changed the way we do business and the way we live our lives.

But, it has also given rise to some of the most difficult challenges marketers have ever faced.

Your dear friends at theBOO know this well given we run a digital only publication!

Developing an effective marketing strategy in such a complex environment can be tough, which is why more and more small businesses are turning to professional marketing firms for help with their internet marketing needs.

One thing that sets these agencies apart from others is their diversity: they offer services for all kinds of online platforms, ranging from search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to social media management and conversion rate optimization (CRO).

If you’re looking for an internet marketing company in Toronto, this list should serve as a great starting point.

It doesn’t matter if you have a big or small company or business, these Internet marketing companies in Toronto work with all kinds of sizes & industries.

Top 8 Internet Marketing Companies In Toronto

1. Search Engine People

Formed in 2001, Search Engine People completed over 2000+ projects. This digital marketing company is trusted in Canada and is worldwide famous.

They are premium partners of Google. Not only that, but they also have a great relationship with big names like Facebook, Instagram, Microsoft, etc.

This digital agency uses effective SEO strategies and has reached the 200 million thresholds.

Pros Of Hiring Search Engine People

  • Completed More Than 2000+ Projects
  • Big Team of SEO Experts
  • Promotes Businesses Internationally


2. Brand & Mortar

Our second pick is Brand & Mortar.

They provide full-service marketing & search engine optimization.

Also, their main aim is to help businesses reach their target audiences & potential customers.

Brand & Mortar specializes in brand marketing, social media marketing & SEO.

This digital marketing company helped all sizes of businesses, from small to large and they can operate in any industry.

Moreover, a free consultation is provided to interested business owners.

Pros Of Hiring Brand & Mortar

  • Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency
  • Can Work In Any Industry
  • Works With Both Small & Large Businesses
  • Also, Open On Weekends
  • Free Consultations


3. Mrkt 360

Number three is Mrkt 360.

Another digital marketing company that provides services with expertise in search engine optimization.

This digital marketing firm is led by Eran Hurvitz, who has 20 years of experience.

Eran, along with his team, provides a wide range of custom digital marketing services which raise clients’ visibility on the internet.

As an expert of SEO, they help you rank your website on the first page and help you get more traffic to generate more leads & sales.

Pros Of Hiring Mrkt 360

  • Different Marketing Packages Available
  • Customized Digital Marketing Solutions
  • Different Types Of SEO Services


4. Let’s Get Optimized

One of the best Internet Marketing Companies In Toronto, Canada and named 2 times Canada’s best SEO company by SEMfirms, Let’s Get Optimized is another great option.

It usually deals with small and medium businesses and gives them various online marketing services.

They offer wide range of internet marketing services including; SEO, email marketing, SMM, web development & design, content marketing & much more.

The company usually focuses on website visibility & ROI.

Not only that, this company has several branches in multiple cities in Canada so that business owners can reach them easily.

Pros Of Let’s Get Optimized

  • Provide All Types Of Services
  • Average Priced Services
  • Several Branches
  • Trusted By Famous Brands


5. Search & Gather

Another digital marketing agency, Search & Gather, is specifically for startups and small businesses.

They generate a unique strategy that helps small businesses get profitable results from their digital marketing.

They target the audience with their compelling content. Moreover, they build healthy relationships with their customers.

Pros Of Search & Gather

  • Good For Startups & Small Sized Businesses
  • Profitable Results
  • Cons Of Search & Gather
  • Don’t Design Websites


6. BrandLume Inc

BrandLume Inc. is a full-service marketing agency for businesses just starting out.

Their specialization is in brand identity & marketing.

BrandLume Inc. aims to differentiate your business from the competitors, which means you have a higher chance to get more leads, which results in gaining customers.

They provide other services such as search engine optimization, reputation management, domain registration, and much more.

Pros Of Brand Lume Inc.

  • Reasonable & Fixed Rates
  • Works With All Kinds Of Businesses
  • Lower Fees


7. Maguire Marketing Group

Maguire Marketing Group mainly focuses on B2B marketing & business consulting, and this digital marketing agency is beneficial for those who need more customers.

They also work with all kinds of businesses, from startups to well organized. Maguire Marketing Group has worked with famous companies like LifeWorks, PEMECO Consulting & The Mortgage Coach.

Other services they offer are content marketing, lead generation strategy, SEO, etc.

Pros Of Maguire Marketing Group

  • Open For 24 Hours
  • Average Rates
  • Brilliant Customer Service


8. SlyFox Web Design & Marketing

The SlyFox Web Design & Marketing offers a full-service monthly digital marketing package.

They are customers’ favorite and provide website design, graphic design, SEO, PPC, and much more.

You need to check their homepage because if you need one, their website designing skills are exceptional.

Pros Of SlyFox Web Design & Marketing

  • Monthly Digital Marketing Packages
  • Customized Packages
  • Highly Recommended


Internet Marketing – Frequently Asked Questions

Is digital marketing the same as Internet marketing?

Internet marketing, often simply referred to as internet marketing, is a type of digital marketing.

The most popular channels for advertising are social media (Facebook and Instagram ads), SEO, content marketing, email marketing, and website development.

Is online selling digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a vast and complex field, with no one-size-fits-all answer.

It encompasses a wide range of activities, from search engine optimization to website design, from social media marketing to email marketing.

What works for one company or organization may not work for another

Final Thoughts

So, these are the top 8 Internet Marketing Companies In Toronto.

Whichever one you choose, make sure you read the reviews and compare their prices so that you can get the most out of your money.

Also, keep in mind that these companies offer different services, so it is best to find the right one for your business.

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