The Best Plant Shops In Toronto, Ontario

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Knowing where to buy plants in Toronto is a well kept secret amongst Torontonians with a green thumb or an eye for interior design.

It is important to know which shops sell the best indoor plants and also which stores specialize in outdoor plants.

After all, this great Canadian city is covered in snow for 1/3 of the year. *shivers*

Your friends at theBOO spent some time compiling the ultimate list of plant shops for you and even threw in a few plant maintenance tips to help you keep your plants growing all year round.

Here is where to buy plants in Toronto:

  1. Promise Supply
  2. Plantforsoul
  3. Wilbe Bloomin
  4. PlantHaven
  5. Sweetpea’s Floral Studio
  6. Down 2 Earth Garden Center
  7. Flur
  8. Beech Nursery
  9. Quince Flowers
  10. Davenport Garden Centre


Where to buy indoor plants in Toronto

1 – Promise Supply

Promise Supply has two locations in Toronto. One in Yorkville and the other at Stackt Market on Bathurst.

Also, the company has an amazing website with a wide array of indoor plants including:

  • Air purifying plants
  • Pet friendly plants
  • Fiddle leaf figs
  • Snake plants
  • Cacti

Promise supply - where to buy houseplants in Toronto - Toronto plant shops

They offer shop online and pickup in store as well as local delivery options, which is a nice touch.

The team at Promise Supply is friendly and knowledgeable and offers plant recommendations for people looking for assistance in designing their perfect space.

2- Plantforsoul

Plantforsoul is a family-run plant store located in Roncesvalles Village.

They sell both locally grown plants from a variety of Ontario and sustainably grown plants from across the USA, Asia, South America and Central America.

Plantforsoul uses eco-friendly packaging. Their shipping boxes are made from recyclable materials and they even have a “recycle program” where plastic pots accumulated from shipping operations are given back to the public at no cost.

3 – Wilbe Bloomin

Wilbe Bloomin is Kensington Market’s flower emporium.

Not only do they have a wide selection of indoor plants but they also offer holiday bouquets.

You can order online or by phone and receive same-day delivery in Toronto and other GTA locations like North York, Scarborough, Etobicoke and East York.

4 – PlantHaven

Planthaven is a couple-run home business with locations in Toronto and Aurora, Ontario.

The owners, Autumn and James, are passionate hardeners who help fellow plant lovers access uncommon and rare tropical house plants.

The majority of their plants comes from the Americas and Southeast Asia.

We really love their collection of Monstera plants which include:

  • Monstera Esqueleto
  • Monstera Peru
  • Monstera Subpinnata A
  • and many more!


5 – Sweetpea’s Floral Studio

Sweet Pea’s Floral Studio is generating a lot of media coverage with features in BlogTO, Toronto Life, and now theBOO!

Why are they such a great option for buying indoor plants?

Because, Sweetpea’s is dedicated to quality, design and service.

They offer beautiful wedding and events options that are tailored to your colour pallette and budget.

Also, they offer an easy to use subscription service.

6 – Flur

We couldn’t find a flower company with a better aesthetic than Flur.

Flur opened in 2014 and is located in the Annex neighbourhood of Toronto.

They offer standard and custom vase arrangements, as well as hardy potted plants for the modern interior.

Also, Flur has an amazing plant gift guide that you need to check out.

7 – Quince Flowers

Rosie Jeffares-Levitt founded Quince Flowers when she returned to Toronto in 1997 from the U.K.

Her team of talented plant experts are able to synthesize creative energy to bring amazing new floral arrangements and plant options to her customers.

On top of regular flower purchases, Quince Flowers offers full service wedding and corporate event packages.

Where to buy outdoor plants in Toronto

1 – Down 2 Earth Garden Center

Down 2 Earth Garden Centre might be Toronto’s best kept plant shopping secret.

They offer a selection of plants, trees and shrubs to beautify outdoor spaces.

The staff here is accommodating to all requests and can provide expert gardening tips to both beginners and avid gardeners.

The list of gardening essentials is huge and includes:

  • Planters
  • Vases
  • Landscape stone
  • Plants
  • Organic soils
  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Landscape stone


You can begin your gardening adventure bu consulting with one of their amazing landscape designers or contractors.

2 – Beech Nursery

Without a doubt, there is no more interesting place to find the plants, shrubs or trees you need to create your own urban oasis than Beech Nursery.

Located in the heard of the Toronto Port Lands, this nursery group offers an expansive and curated selection of quality plants and trees.

Finally, the staff at Beech pride themselves on collaborating with their customers to create a diverse outdoor garden experience.

3 – Davenport Garden Centre

Firstly, Davenport Garden Centre is a longstanding institution serving the Rosedale, Yorkville and Annex neighbourhoods in Toronto.

It remains independently owned and operated and now has 3 locations within Toronto.

Secondly, the Davenport team has made a name for themselves by providing a superb collection of high quality plants and flowers that they source from premium growers.

Finally, on top of their traditional garden products, Davenport Garden Centre is the go-to spot for Christmas tree shopping for Torontonians!

What are the top 5 indoor plants?

Finding the perfect indoor plant for your space is tough. There are so many variables to consider!

Do you prioritize clean air or a small space?

Are you going for a creative and unique look or just looking to add some green to your home?

We’ve rounded up 5 of the best indoor plants for you:

1 – Snake Plant

The snake plant is a popular indoor plant because it is durable, easy to grow and tolerant of low light.

Be careful not to overwater this plant as it will create rot.

Also, you only need to water your snake plant every 2 months in the winter.

Where to buy plants in Toronto - Snake Plant - Best indoor plant

2 – Peace Lily

The Peace Lily is not an actual lily rather, it is a member of the colocasia family.

It is not only a great gift plant but it is also extremely easy to keep alive.

Make sure to drain the soil after you water your plant because the roots get rotted easily.

3 – Moth Orchid

This is hands down the best orchid to have in your home.

The Moth Orchid needs constant water and can never completely dry out.

Use a nitrogen based fertilizer twice a month to keep this plant healthy.

4 – Majesty Palm

A Majesty Palm in the home is like having your very own tree inside.

It is one of the larger house plants on this list and can reach up to 90 feet high outdoors.

Also, note that this plant is tempermental and requires the right mix of light, fertilization and heat to survive.

5 – Croton

The Croton is a poisonous but beautiful houseplant that is native to tropical forests. So, it is not a good plant for people with children or pets.

They are a beautiful plant that is a cousin of the poinsettia.

Croton houseplant Toronto - theBOO

Photo by Karl Thomas Moore/Wikimedia Commons.

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