The Best Lawyer In Guelph, Ontario

Here are the best lawyers in guelph ontario

Hiring a lawyer is never easy – so your friends at theBOO put together a list of things to remember if you want to hire the best lawyer in Guelph, Ontario for legal services. Also, we have a list of our top lawyers in Guelph, Ontario for you to choose from once you have identified […]

The Best Storage Units In Guelph, Ontario

Self Storage Units In Guelph Ontario For Hire

Many people are unaware that storage facilities can be rented for various reasons. For example, to store furniture or other belongings when moving house, to keep children’s possessions in the family home while they attend boarding school or college away from home, or simply to free up space at home. As the population of Guelph, […]

The Best Yoga Studios In Guelph, ON

Yoga Studios In Guelph Ontario Main Image (1)

There are some really amazing yoga studios in Guelph. Yoga is the perfect pastime for people looking to stretch, fix back problems, get stronger and find inner peace. At theBOO, we practice mindfulness to ensure we are present and connected with our readers and the communities we serve. If you’re interested in yoga, now is […]